Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Why should I use this mask or other skin care product?

- Crystal Secret Black Mask & Blackhead removal tool are blackhead extraction methods which remove blackheads and whiteheads, leaving your face crystal clean, soft and smooth.


2. Is it safe for sensitive skin?

- Yes, this mask is great for sensitive skin as well.


3. What if I am allergic to some of the ingredients?

- This Black Mask does NOT contain any allergic ingredients.


4. How many times per week can I use it?

- Twice per week is ideal for your face.


5. Does it really make my face soft?

- Yes, the Menthol effect make your face  super soft and smooth.


6. Can pregnant women use it?

- Yes, they can.


7. What is the shipping time for this mask?

- We use UPS First Class for all of our orders, which means that will be delivered to your house in 2-4 business days.