The Woman's Beauty

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The Woman's Beauty

She's a miracle man

There is a lot of beauty in this world, but female beauty will always remain the greatest inspiration of all. Inspiration for writing poems, a muse for painters, writers and musicians and a favorite subject of photographers. And most of all, an eternal misery for the man's world. There is an old song from Roxette singer, where she perfectly describes the woman's beauty. Roxette sang the mega, now retro hit "She's got the look" and this song really tastes like a raindrop... 

Listen to the song and you will find out in how many ways a woman can be beautiful. It is not only the pretty face, or having a fit body with modeling proportions, female's beauty is in everything she owns. The beauty of a woman is not in her cloths, it is in her style and attitude. Many women do not follow fashion, but they are always happy and cheerful. Compassion, intelligence, passion, persistent, loyalty is one of the many attributes of the female personality. Smart is the new sexy!

However, it is true that physical appearance also matters, but what do you think, what matters the most? Clothes are fleeting, the make-up is not permanent, even your hair can have bad days...Than what is left that makes you feel beautiful and attractive? The answer is healthy skin and a beautiful smile! There is nothing more attractive than beautiful, cherished and satin skin. Love your skin you are in, stay confident without makeup on, just be You and you will conquer the world. Invest in your happy smile in all possible ways and take a good care for your skin on a daily basis.