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You received a gift. It was a rose bouquet. You have a garden in your yard and you have roses in your garden. Did you know that you can use the rose petals? No need to throw them away. The rose has a lot of benefits for the skin.     Prepare a rose water. The rose water is a natural toner, which cleanses the skin profoundly. The rose water is recommended for a sensitive and for a dry skin. To prepare a natural rose water, you will need:   5 dl of a distilled water 20 g of sea...

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beautiful, Beauty, clean, facecare, glowingskin, natural, natural remedies, rose water, skin, skincare, soft, woman -

The anti-inflammatory properties of the rose water can give a natural and healthy glowing skin. Its antioxidants can soothe the skin and keep it moisturized. The rose water is slightly acidic in nature and it can maintain the natural pH balance. It can also soothe sunburns and provide refreshment and is the best thing for sensitive skin. Rose water can be used in combination with many different ingredients. Given below are 4 combinations that can be easily made at home. 1. ROSE WATER + BESAN - Besan is one of the ingredients that can provide many beauty benefits such as:...

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beautiful, Beauty, clean, facecare, natural, natural remedies, rose water, skin, skincare, soft, woman -

From the beauty of the flower, to its aroma and the big number of healthy and beauty benefits place the rose water among the best skin care products in the cosmetic industry.  It hydrates and soothes the skin and helps in reducing acne. Additionally, rose water is a perfect make-up remover. There are many uses of the rose water. It can be used as toner for oily skin and acts as perfect moisturizer for dry skin. If added additional ingredients like glycerin or olive oil, it can maintain the moisture of the skin for a very long time. Here are...

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