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It is very important to clean your makeup brushes, not only because you will use different colors and you don’t want to mix them, but also because the makeup brushes can be full of bacteria which can cause skin irritations, acne and other diseases on the skin of your face.     What should we use to clean them? To clean the makeup brushes you should use a very mild shampoo and a lukewarm water. There are also specific products that are used to clean the makeup brushes which are not washable. You are able to buy them in a...

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The eyebrows are very important for leaving a good impression. The face and your face’s look change right away when your eyebrows are well done. Your eyebrows should always be well nourished and well brushed. The well-made eyebrows with makeup, intensify the look and leave the impression of a seductive look. It is essential for both, men and women, to have well done eyebrows.     Nourish the eyebrows. To have thick eyebrows naturally, you need to nourish them regularly. You need to use essential oils which favorize the growth of the eyebrows. You need to use garlic oil, nettle...

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  Every makeup artist will tell you that the secret to the perfect makeup look is in the right makeup tool. There are so many different makeup brushes and you can easily get confused about which ones to buy to achieve the perfect look. There is a different brush for every part of your face (cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, lips) and today we are going to tell you how to use them. Blush brush If you want to define, contour and shape your cheeks invest in a blush brush. Swipe the color on the blush and apply the powder blush to...

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