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The jojoba oil is a very nourishing oil which is recommended for all skin types, but it is especially recommended for an oily skin, because it doesn't leave a greasy film and it cures acne. It can also be used for a sensitive skin.  We have found some skin care recipes based on jojoba oil so you can benefit from its virtues for the skin.      - An anti - acne serum. The anti - acne serum is used to cure acne. You put several drops of jojoba oil on a cotton pad and you rub the acne with...

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The essential and vegetable oils have a lot of benefits on the skin. The essential and vegetable oils are organic, bio, natural and economic products. But there are a lot of different oils, so how can we know which oil to use for our skin type? Many oils have different powers and can be used for every skin type. We have made a small practical guide, so you can decide which oil to use.     If you have an oily skin: The oily skin has a tendency of producing acne, but, it also produces extra sebum, which gives the...

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