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The homemade fruit masks are very easy to be prepared and are accessible for everybody's pocket. You only need a blender and in 2 minutes your mask will be ready. Regarding the ingredients, you can use anything that you already have at home and you can invent a new recipe, but if you don't know what you should use, we have found few recipes for you.     1. A mask based on papaya and mango for an oily skin.  Ingredients: 10 g of papaya flesh, 10 g of mango flesh and 25 g of honey. You need to blend the papaya and...

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There are different kinds of cheese.  Cheese is a dairy product which is better than the milk. The cow's milk is not suitable for everybody and the cheese contains the necessary quantity of calcium for a good body function without leaving negative consequences. The milk can cause acne and the cheese can't cause acne. The cheese, the yogurt, the crème fraiche and other kinds of cheese can improve the condition of your skin.     - A mask to soften the skin. To strengthen and to soften the skin and to unify the complexion, you can try this homemade mask. To prepare...

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The passion fruit is an exotic fruit with a specific sweet smell. Because it is very nourishing, it's a main ingredient of many cosmetics. It has been a famous fruit since the XVI century and it is often used in the kitchen. What are the benefits of the passion fruit for the skin?     - The passion fruit contains the most important vitamins for the skin. The passion fruit contains vitamin A, B and C. Those are the most important vitamins for a proper skin function. This is why it is recommended to consume the passion fruit.   -...

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In order to have a glowing skin, you need to nourish it. The skin must be always hydrated, needs vitamins and minerals so it can proceed with the natural process of renewal.  You need to use essential oils and other organic and natural products and you need to have a diet in order to maintain your skin in good conditions.     - Hydrate the skin. The constant hydration is very important in order to have a healthy skin. The water detoxifies the skin, which is very important for the renewal process. The dehydration can cause skin and body diseases. It's...

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The cucumber is consisted of more than 50% water. So, it's a very hydrating vegetable. Our skin and our organism have the need to be hydrated at all times in order to get rid of the accumulated toxins.  There are numerous recipes with cucumber for the skin and for different skin problems.      - The cucumber has an anti - aging effect on the skin. The cucumber has the power of strengthening the skin. It contains a vitamin C which is essential for a proper skin function and which helps diminish the wrinkles. To get rid of the wrinkles, proceed...

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