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We already know that the sauna for the body and the facial sauna, both, are very beneficial for the organism and for the skin. We can do a facial sauna at home too, but in order to do a sauna for the whole body, we have to go to a beauty salon. Why the sauna is so famous?     The sauna to revitalize the body and the skin. Because the sauna it’s an action of an ambiance change, hot and cold combined, it is very beneficial for the skin. This ambiance change revitalizes both, the body and the skin...

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The facial skin is not the same as the skin on the body. The face skin has more sensitive areas, such as the lips and the eyebrows. You need to prepare the skin before removing the hair. You need to choose the best method adapted on your skin type and you need to nourish the skin after the hair removal, in order to avoid redness and acne on the skin.     Make a face scrub. To prepare the skin, you need to make a face scrub. It is better to use homemade or natural scrubs, in order to remove...

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The facial sauna is very beneficial for the skin. The facial sauna helps by cleansing the face profoundly, by opening the pores, by eliminating the blackheads and by detoxifying the skin. The procedure is very economical and very easy to be done. Why go to the salons, when you can do it at home?   To cleanse the skin profoundly. The facial sauna cleanses the face profoundly by opening the pores. If you have an oily skin, you need to do it once a week, because sometimes the acne and the blackheads are a result of the skin impurities. For...

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