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There are two types of persons: coffee lovers and those who don’t drink coffee. The coffee lovers are also divided on those who drink it without sugar and without milk and on those who drink it with both, sugar and milk. Those recipes are for those who can’t live without coffee and for those who love the smell of the coffee.     Hide the dark circles. You need coffee in the morning because it helps you wake up, but it can’t hide the dark circles if you drink it. To hide it, you need to try this recipe:  ...

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Acne can occur anytime and often comes with a lot of discomfort. If you've tried all possible ways to get rid of them but, still nothing ever changes, then maybe it's time for you to check up your diet. Consumption of various foods like milk products, spicy and fried foods and even some drinks may cause acne. Between them, the no. one morning drink can be the main reason behind those annoying breakouts. In one-word acne can be consequence of excessive coffee intake. So, if you want to avoid those unwanted breakouts and have a healthy-looking skin, you need to...

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Coffee is a number one beverage for all the caffeine lovers. But, so far, we did not know that apart from giving us a morning boost, our favorite kitchen ingredient can do wonders for our skin too! All these years we’ve been consuming coffee without even realizing that putting it on our face could “wake-up” our skin as well as it does to us every single morning. We should immediately start to use it in our regular routines because of its beauty benefits. Its antioxidants can keep our skin nourished and healthy while enhancing the collagen production. And as a...

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