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The homemade fruit masks are very easy to be prepared and are accessible for everybody's pocket. You only need a blender and in 2 minutes your mask will be ready. Regarding the ingredients, you can use anything that you already have at home and you can invent a new recipe, but if you don't know what you should use, we have found few recipes for you.     1. A mask based on papaya and mango for an oily skin.  Ingredients: 10 g of papaya flesh, 10 g of mango flesh and 25 g of honey. You need to blend the papaya and...

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The strawberries are powerful antioxidants, contain vitamin C, contain minerals and they're very nutritive and nourishing. The strawberries boost the immunity system and they're very beneficial for the skin. It is very useful to eat them, to drink strawberry juice and to use them in your skin care.     - Strawberries contain vitamin C. Strawberries are rich with vitamin C, which is very beneficial for the skin and for the organism. The vitamin C boosts the immunity system and renews the skin, especially the mature skin. The smokers lose vitamin C because of the tobacco and they have to consume it...

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To prevent, remedy and treat acne, you need to do scrubs, use masks and hydrate the skin well.  Because acne is a skin disease, after you have found the reason for its apparition, you need to take a good care of the skin.  Those homemade masks eliminate acne, blackheads and detoxify the skin.     1. Honey mask. The honey is the most powerful ingredient against acne. The honey has an antiseptic effect on the skin and hydrates the skin very well. The honey does wonders for all the skin types and remedies acne.  Apply the honey on the face...

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We use the face cleansers to cleanse the face, to get rid of the impurities and to prevent and remedy acne. When you choose a cleanser, you need to choose the one adapted on your skin type. There are also different types of cleansers, like gel cleansers, soaps, milks, micellar water etc.  If you can't find the right cleanser for you, you can do it at home.     - A cleanser for an oily skin. It is important that the cleanser for the oily skin doesn't remove the needed sebum (because a lack of sebum causes acne) and it...

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Someone once said: "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away." The apple is consisted of 85% water. If you eat it, it can provide the sufficient hydration to your skin and organism. The apple should be consumed by the persons who do sport, because its other half (10 - 12%) is consisted of sugar which is completely without danger for the diabetics.      - Eat the apple's skin to nourish your skin. It's the apple's skin which is the most important if you want to benefit from the apple. The apple's skin is consisted of different vitamins, magnesium,...

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