How to do a homemade lip balm
How to do a homemade lip balm

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How to do a homemade lip balm

There are several reasons why you need to do a homemade lip balm.

The artificial lip balms contain toxic ingredients (such as cetyl palmitate), petroleum derivatives (paraffin), emulsifiers (polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate) and fatty alcohols (cetearyl alcohol). Those ingredients can have harmful effects on the general health.

Everything that is natural, is always a better choice.


The formula of the base is very easy: 


- A vegetable butter

- A vegetable oil

- Vegetable wax (rice, candelilla, bee etc.)

- A preservative (2 drops of vitamin E, 2 drops of wheat germ oil)

- Optional: 2-3 drops of natural dye or essential oils


All of those ingredients are rich with vitamins (A, C and E) and are very hydrating.

The measurements are one spoon of each ingredients, in order to obtain a 30 ml of lip balm.

You heat all the ingredients together. You mix them and you put them in an old box of a lip balm. The box should be made of glass and well sterilized. The procedure might take up to 20 minutes.

If you're a sweet odor fan, you add honey, shea butter, cocoa butter or cocoa powder. It's the same formula, you add 1 spoon of each ingredient and you also add a vegetable wax and a preservative which are mandatory. That way you will get a homemade chocolate lip balm.

If you love fruit odors, you can add sweet orange essential oil, carrot essential oil, almond essential oil, lemon essential oil and rosemary essential oil.


It is up to you to choose the taste and the odor of the lip balm.